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I could not travel without the right books to read. Whether you’re flying across the country or just packing your carry-on, these are my favorite travel books that will make your trip even better.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a story about a young shepherd boy who follows his dream of finding treasure. The book has been translated into over 60 languages and sold millions of copies worldwide, making it one of the most popular books in history.

The story teaches us that following your dreams can be difficult and there will always be obstacles along the way, but if you keep moving forward with faith and determination then everything will turn out okay in the end. It also teaches us how important it is to believe in yourself, even when no one else does!

Eat Pray Love

If the movie is any indication, Eat Pray Love is an amazing travel book. It’s about a woman who leaves her life behind to take a spiritual journey around Italy, India and Bali. She learns about love, life and food along the way.

The book was written by Elizabeth Gilbert (who also wrote Committed), who went on this journey after divorcing from her husband of 9 years and finding herself at age 38 with no job or home base. She decided that she would go to Italy first because it was where she felt most connected with her grandmother who passed away when Elizabeth was young. While in Italy she learned how to cook pasta from scratch using fresh ingredients found at local markets–a skill that would come in handy later when she moved onto India where there were fewer ingredients available so people relied heavily on cooking with spices instead of meat products like Americans do today due to our high rate of obesity!

Into Thin Air

This is a true story about an Everest expedition that went terribly wrong, written by the journalist-turned-climber who survived it. The book was first published in 1998 and has since been made into a film starring Josh Brolin as Krakauer.

Krakauer’s account of his experiences on Everest forms the core of Into Thin Air, but he also includes details about climbing in general, as well as his career as a writer for Outside magazine. He gives us vivid descriptions of what it feels like to be up high on Everest–the cold air sweeping past your face; your lungs struggling with every breath; snow crunching underfoot–and makes us feel like we’re right there with him on his journey up the mountain (or off).

On the Road

The book is considered a classic of beat literature and one of the most influential books of the 20th century. It was written by Jack Kerouac in his mid-20s, after he had spent several years traveling across America with Neal Cassady, a friend from high school who would later be the model for Dean Moriarty in On The Road.

The novel tells the story of Sal Paradise (Kerouac) and Dean Moriarty as they travel across America by car looking for excitement and adventure. Along their journey they meet up with other characters who live life on their own terms–and often make up stories about themselves which become part of “the legend.”


Shantaram is the tale of a man who escapes from prison and flees to India. It’s written by Gregory David Roberts, who was himself an escaped convict on the run from Australian authorities for ten years. The book was published in 2003 and made into a movie in 2008 starring actor Viggo Mortensen (Lord Of The Rings).

The book tells the story of Lin, an escaped robber from Australia who arrives in Bombay (now Mumbai) with no money and few possessions. He meets various characters along his journey through India trying to find peace with himself and those around him.

The Beach

The Beach is a novel written by Alex Garland, who also wrote and directed the movie version. It takes place in Thailand and follows a group of Westerners who travel to Thailand and take up residence on a beach. The book has been translated into over 40 languages, making it one of the most popular travel books ever written.

No One Belongs Here More Than You

No One Belongs Here More Than You

This book is about a guy who gets a job at a bookstore and meets all kinds of different people. It’s also about how he finds himself, but in an unconventional way. This book is one of my favorites because it’s funny and relatable, but it also makes me think about things I haven’t thought about before.

These are my favorite travel books to read before and during a trip.

These books are great for inspiration and will make you want to travel. They’re also great for reading before a trip, during a trip, or after your trip so you can relive the experience all over again.


If you’re looking for some inspiration before your next trip, these books are a great place to start. If they don’t inspire you, then maybe they’ll at least give you some new perspectives on life and living in the world.

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