5 Days Travel Guide to Barcelona


Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, so it’s no wonder that it attracts millions of tourists every year. If you’re planning a trip there, be sure to check out my 5-day guide for all the best places to visit during your stay!

Day 1 – Places to Visit in Barcelona

The first day of your trip to Barcelona is about exploring. You’ll want to make sure you have time for all the major sights, so we’ve made a list of some of our favorites.

First stop: La Rambla! This pedestrian street is one of the most famous streets in Barcelona and it’s where you’ll find most people hanging out during their free time. There are tons of restaurants and shops along this long street, but don’t forget to take a look at what else there is around this area! You might stumble upon some interesting things while walking around like street performers or musicians playing their instruments on steps outside buildings (this happens quite often). If you’re looking for something more relaxing than just walking around though… there are also plenty of cafes around here where you could get some coffee or tea with friends before heading back home again later on today if needed.”

Day 2 – What to Eat in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its food, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of places to go. You can find traditional Spanish dishes like paella and tapas or try something new like vermut (vermouth) or cava (Spanish sparkling wine). There are also plenty of restaurants where you can sit outside and watch people pass by while you eat.

If you’re looking for somewhere with great views and good prices, El Born is a good choice. This neighborhood has lots of cafes where people hang out all day long–it seems like everyone knows each other! We chose one called El Quim de la Boqueria that serves many kinds of sandwiches as well as salads and pasta dishes; we got a tuna sandwich with fries on top which was delicious! They have lots of tables outside so if it’s warm out then this would be the perfect place for lunch during your visit here in Barcelona

Day 3 – The Most Beautiful Places of Barcelona

The most beautiful places of Barcelona

Barcelona is a city full of history, culture and art. It’s not only a place where you can enjoy the beach, but also an extremely interesting city to visit. The most famous places are:

  • La Sagrada Familia (The Sacred Family)

This church was designed by Antoni Gaudi and it is one of the most visited buildings in Barcelona. It will take you around 2 hours to visit this place because there are many things that you have to see inside it like sculptures or stained glass windows made by Joan Miro. You can also climb up to one of its towers if you want something more special than just looking at its facade!

  • Park Guell – Parc Guel (Park Guel)

It was designed by Antoni Gaudi who wanted people from all over Europe to come here regularly during their holidays so they could relax after long days at work or school back home 😉 You’ll find lots of different kinds trees here as well as benches where families gather together after dinner time 🙂

Day 4 – Nightlife and Bars in Barcelona

Day 4: Nightlife and Bars in Barcelona

This is a day for exploring the city’s nightlife. There are so many amazing bars in Barcelona, you could spend your entire trip going from one to another and never get bored! We recommend starting at this charming little bar called “El Xampanyet” that serves delicious traditional Catalan cava by the glass or bottle. Make sure to try their signature dish, ensalada de xatxar (Catalan salad) with fresh seafood on top!

Next stop? Your choice of nightclubs–or perhaps even both if you’re feeling particularly energetic! For example, if you’re looking for something more low key where people just want to drink good wine while listening to live music without any crazy dance moves involved then check out The Good Life Bar & Restaurant which has been named one of Europe’s best jazz clubs by CNN Traveler Magazine four times since 2010

Day 5 – Things to Do in the Morning before Leaving Barcelona

  • Visit the Sagrada Familia
  • Visit the Picasso Museum
  • Visit Park Guell
  • Visit Camp Nou Stadium (FC Barcelona’s stadium)
  • Walk along Barceloneta beach


Barcelona is a beautiful city, and we hope that you will have a great time visiting it. If you want to know more about Barcelona, we recommend reading our blog post on 5 Things To Do In Barcelona For Your First Time!

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